Find us on Thumbtack!

For a very long time we were glad to find production work simply by word of mouth. And for a while that was working well for us. As time went on though we began to realize that for every job we landed we lost a handful due to people not explaining exactly what we did the best way they could have. Essentially our agents were our friends and family and as kind as they were to try to spread the word of our services they simply couldn't do the job that benefited us the most. So we started searching the internet for the best option to get our company name in the hands of the public. We never realized that we would find so much more then that when we first discovered Thumbtack

Thumbtack is an online service that allows people to find trusted companies for a plethora of services at a reasonable cost. For a company like us this was love at first site. Thumbtack literally brings genuine customers to us everyday of the week. And at the same time Thumbtack represents us to customers; reassuring them that we can be trusted as a company. This too is so important not just to us, but also for the customer. It takes away the fear of the unknown that craigslist and other sites bring you. 

We love Thumbtack and are so glad to have been able to join their community. It's a tool that every small business should utilize and every customer should trust. 

You can now find us on Thumbtack!